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SMART List #3: Cartoony Creatures with Talent

Two of the best reasons to have pets are:

1) They make you laugh.

2) They have hidden talents (that usually make you laugh).

For example: My dog Malcolm. Malcolm learns a new trick every summer. In the past, he has learned how to pirouette, sit up like a troll, and do the hokey-pokey (sort of). He is currently in the midst of mastering how to “Rambo” (aka crawl across the kitchen floor towards a piece of kibble. Don’t ask… I am not the trick-chooser).

I find that many of the most memorable cartoony animals in picture books are also charming because they have talent, and they crack us up. Here are some of my favs (Canadians first…):

Scaredy Squirrel – Melanie Watt (Talent: scaredyness)

Grumpy Bird – Jeremy Tankard (Talent: grumpiness)

New Boots for Hudson – Marc Tetro (Talent: fashion sense, being Canadian)

Lost and Found – Oliver Jeffers (Talent: getting lost and being found)

Officer Buckle and Gloria – Peggy Rathmann (Talent: safety-tips and acrobatics)

Lottie’s New Beach Towel – Petra Mathers (Talent: beach towel use)

Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus – Mo Willems (Talent: driving, whining)

Diary of a Wombat – Jackie French (Talent: sleeping, eating carrots)

Where Willy Went – Nicholas Allan (Talent: swimming)

The True Story of Stellina – Matteo Pericoli (Talent: balancing on the ends of pencils)

Wolves – Emily Gravett (Talent: choosing library books)

And the Cutest Cartooniest Cover Awards go to:

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Oh Harry… lighten up.

I have just returned from Potter-Party Preparation Headquarters. The Harry Potter loot bags have been stuffed. The Harry Potter costumes have been pressed. The Harry Potter art work has been displayed. The Harry Potter curtains have been hemmed. The Harry Potter every-flavour beans have been purchased and sampled. The Harry Potter wands have been tested. The Harry Potter instruction manual has been written and revised. All we need now are the Harry Potter books. I have been humming the Harry Potter movie theme over and over and over for the past 10 hours. I hope to wake up tomorrow healthy and normal once more.

These pictures (courtesy of Mugglenet’s Photoshop Fun) were somehow just what I needed at the end of such an intense day.

Something to help all of us take HP7 a little less seriously.  Before our favourites start biting the dust, have a laugh on them:

normal_nackledirk.jpg    normal_potterheads-peeves.jpg   normal_facing_fluffy_-_kerry_zanki.jpg