Shelfelf + Shakespeare & Co.

Back from Paris to the scorching Toronto heat. Those Parisians… it’s hard not to want to curse them and their perfect cheese and their perfect scarves and their perfect city. Instead, I will take the high road and acknowledge their superiority in the following areas:

1. Ice cream

2. Fromage

3. Churches

4. Vacation time

5. Gargoyles

6. Shoes

7. Salads

8. Window Gardens

9. Fountains

10. Bookstore cats

As proof for #10, I give you “Kitty,” the current mouser at the magical Shakespeare & C0.

Kitty catching some zzzs on Love in the Time of Cholera:


Kitty hoping I will go back to Canada if I can’t see his face:


Since I couldn’t buy Kitty (or steal him), I was forced to content myself with at least one book every time I went to Shakespeare and Co. (Lucky we didn’t get there until close to the end of the trip). For those who have never been there’s a virtual tour that seems to work only some of the time, at: Shakespeare & Co Tour

Reviews coming soon!

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