Elf Envy – Random Round-up

Today just felt like the right day for my first foray into Round-up land.

Here are a few juicy items that made the Elf envious aujourd’hui:

A cool co-review of Knuffle Bunny Too and The Wall at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast.

Fuse 8 pointed me to a new mock Newbery site, Sharon’s Mock Newbery. I’m curious about several of the titles that are up for consideration.

Semicolon has assembled some sensible and fantastical bookshelf possibilities. I must have a Book Cave. I must.

I’m liking the sound of Emily Gravett’s Little Mouse’s Big Book of Fears described in Times Online by way of Achockablog. Shades of Scaredy Squirrel perhaps? What’s not to love?

Thank you to The Miss Rumphius Effect for her teacher-type poetry idea: the cento. Fun stolen do-it-yourself poems. I like.

I will try to be clever all by myself tomorrow.

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