Daily Archives: August 29, 2007

Robot Dreams


Finding Sara Varon’s Robot Dreams makes you feel good because you feel like you have stumbled upon this delightfully perfect and brilliant thing that hardly anyone knows about yet.  You read.  You feel charmed.  You smile.  You sigh.  You feel just a teensy bit self-satisfied as you enjoy this sweet fable of friendship, loss and forgiveness.  You swear that you will visit the graphic novel section of your local bookstore more often to find hidden treats like this little gem.

You must get this book this minute! You must read it and then give it to your child or any child you can find (or any adult for that matter).  You will be thanked and the recipient will think you are oh so on top of the latest, greatest and coolest things literary.

Then check out Sara Varon’s site to find out more about her amazing work.

Robot Dreams is published by First Second.