Poetry Friday (how ’bout some lyrics?)

Just came back from a daytrip along the glorious Niagara Escarpment.  The last true day of holidays before the Labor Day weekend.

No car trip can work without tunes, and it’s usually my job to pick them.  Sarah Harmer seemed just right (she’s so often just right), especially because of her activism protecting that part of the world.

One of my favorites from her latest CD, I am a Mountain, is Oleander.  Given my rather abysmal history with houseplants, this song speaks to me and makes me feel like a naughty, naughty little plant owner.  After what happened last year, I’m seriously rethinking the whole classroom plants idea…

Oleander – by Sarah Harmer

Oleander, Oleander

Will you bloom again this spring?

I adored you

Then I ignored you

And now to me you’re eveything

And those white blossoms that you gave freely

Are now just twinkles in my eye

Oh behold her

Oleander grows on the inside…

For the rest… or better yet, Sarah singing it herself, visit Sarah Harmer.com. Pretty.

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