As the sun goes down on the last day of my first summer as a teacher, this just seems like the perfect book for my current state of mind.  All day I’ve had this nervous, edgy, night-before-going-on-a-trip feeling in my stomach.  This afternoon I asked my Teacher-Husband, “Is it normal that I feel like I’m going to puke?”  He says yes, but that’s probably just because he doesn’t want to talk about it.  OK, so it’s nothing compared to last year.  This year, it’s “Let’s get this show on the road” type of nervous.  Last year, it was “Am I too young to be having a heart attack?” nervous.  I know it’s going to be a different journey this time, and I’m excited to see how it unfolds.

I love Waber’s book.  It’s honest and heartwarming and funny.  While there are lots of kiddies in this book, the sentiment works for grown-ups too.  Waber takes a look at all of the different forms of courage that are possible.  He writes:

There are many kinds of courage.
Awesome kinds.
And everyday kinds.
Still, courage is courage—
whatever kind.

Right now, I’m feeling a whole lot like that kid on the high diving board, wondering how I’m ever going to take the plunge.

Waber makes us see that courage can be of the heroic variety, but it can also happen in the simple actions we make in a day… like going back to school.

Courage by Bernard Waber is published by Houghton/Mifflin

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