Daily Archives: September 15, 2007

Elf Envy – Random Round-Up

Since I want to be spending my free time today reading the rest of the newest Rex Zero, here are some treats courtesy of other bloggers’ brains:

Pop over to 7imp’s lovely list of Best Picture Books of 2007.

Thanks to Jen Robinson for pointing me to a new happy place: Escape Adulthood . It is going to be a whole lot harder to face my mountains of grown up work now. Thanks… thanks a lot.

The Longstockings present a cool bookmark that might convince “too cool” teens to read something once in a while: Read for the Fun of It.

Educating Alice wonders about motives when Dahl beats out our dear Rowling as Most Popular Children’s Author.

Now for a completely non-blogging link! Last weekend, while wandering blissfully through my neighborhood outdoor art show, I happened upon these pretties:

to-thine-braclet-copy.jpg and


Go to Liz Kain for lots more bookish baubles. Hooray Canadian craftspeople!

P.S. By some miracle, until this morning, I have managed to avoid any and all HP7 spoilers… (I know that it is shocking that I am still reading, but since we are reading it together it takes a mighty long time). Then – oh the horror – I glimpsed a mention on Fuse 8 of a site called Hedwigisnotdead.com. (I will not even link to it because that would mean I might see something bad bad bad). It cannot be! Did she kill Hedwig? (Don’t answer that question… I don’t want to know).