Meme – Writers I’m thankful for

I’m spending the weekend in the country.  This morning, I was out driving around my childhood stomping grounds – feeling all sentimental and drippy.  It’s the perfect fall day here in southern Ontario – leaves just starting to turn, blue blue sky and a crisp wind sneaking around.

One of my favourite weekend radio shows put out a request for listeners to call in to share songwriters they are thankful for – given that next weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving.

This idea inspired me to think about which writers I am most thankful for.  So I thought I would try out this “meme thing.”   

Which 3 children’s writers are you most thankful for?  

Mine:  Michael Morpurgo, Phillip Pulman, Roald Dahl 

Ok – very British… very male… a tad predictable (but true). I know… so hard to limit to 3.  You can do 5 if you want to! 

Do share – on your blogs, or right here.  Then next Sunday I will post a big ol’ list on turkey day.   

5 thoughts on “Meme – Writers I’m thankful for

  1. shelfelf Post author

    I haven’t read anything by Naomi Novak, but I’ve heard her dragon series is fantastic. Love Lian Hearn.

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