Daily Archives: October 8, 2007

Tiny brain = 3 tiny reviews

I’m not sure why my brain feels tiny today.  But it does.  So tiny.

It is unfortunate that my sudden (and alarming) brain tinyness has coincided with my burst in reading productivity.

And so I offer you 3 tiny reviews, created by a tiny, tiny brain.

Moxy Maxwell does not love Stuart Little – by Peggy Gifford

This is a clever little book, full of dry humour.  I love the way that photographs are offered up instead of illustrations, and that the photographs are taken by Moxy’s brother, who likes to document family happenings like a photo-journalist.  The book traces the events of one “tragic day” for Moxy Maxwell, as she comes face to face with the horrible fact that Stuart Littlemust be read.  A great look at how what seems big to kids, usually seems like no big deal to grown ups (and vice versa).

Book of a Thousand Days – by Shannon Hale   

Loved this.  It didn’t sweep me up immediately the way The Goose Girl did, but the more I read, the more it drew me in.  Shannon Hale always makes the imperfect girl the most important, interesting and intelligent character. (I wonder if this is in some part due to the fact that she is such an Austen fan?)  Who doesn’t like it when the plain, commoner lady’s maid gets the prince?  Show me that person.  This is a beautiful, lyrical and layered tale.

Eclipse – by Stephanie Meyer

Fuse’s recent complaints about how Meyer can’t stop harping on about how beautiful her vampires are, kind of made it a bit of a slog to get through the rest of this puppy.  Let’s be real here.  No one is reading this for deft prose.  We’re reading because it’s fun.  I think Meyer needs to make the next one as action-packed as she can, because I’m starting to see that the characters alone can’t carry this story.  I just wish I actually cared what happened to Bella. Still, it’s over-the-top goodness.  Like too much deep and delicious freezer cake at 2:00am.   

Also… very few of you wanted to play meme with me (which saddens me deeply).  So I will ask my tiny fans (aka students) which writers they are most thankful for, and then I will not feel like a loser when I post my list. HA!