Daily Archives: October 11, 2007

Elf Envy – Random Roundup

As a new kidslit blogger, I could not have expected to be a part of the cool crowd, heading off to the windy city to meet and greet and learn bloggish things.  I’ve been enjoying/envying while reading about the conference, but I’ve also been missing posts from all and sundry.  Here are some delights now that everyone’s back in town:

Over at the Longstockings, Daphne offers us a post about Comfort Books (books from childhood that just take you to your happy place).  Mine? Swallows and Amazons and Danny the Champion of the World.  Can you tell my dad is a Brit?

Along a similar theme, Jen R points us in the direction of Cheryl Rainfield’s great image from an Aussie ad, showing a book hugging someone. Fun. Book Hug. Thanks Jen!  Thanks Cheryl!

If you haven’t yet checked out Sarah Miller’s Reading Journals, go look at her September Reading Journal. How does she do it?

News from Fuse. Chris Weitz, director of The Golden Compass flick, has decided to make drastic changes to the ending of the film in anticipation of sequels. Shocking. Golden Compass Update.

As Blogging for a Cure fast approaches, let’s all keep Grace Lin in our thoughts.  Here is a little note from her over at Blue Rose Girls: Grace Lin note.

That’s it, that’s all!