DARKWING (are you as excited as I am?)

I guess the theme of today’s posts is excitement.  I was flicking through October’s spookifying issue of OWL Magazine for my classroom, and came across a special on Kenneth Oppel’s latest book, Darkwing.  Is anyone else as eager to read this book as I am?  I devoured the Silverwing saga a couple of years ago.  What great stories.  And Airborn and Skybreaker?  Gush.

I think all of us bloggers should make Darkwing our Halloween read.  Plus Oppel has lots of teacher resources for his books on his website (Kenneth Oppel Teacher Stuff), not to mention a site devoted exclusively to Darkwing – complete with creepy music.

I am now going to go and practice self-control by NOT heading to my local bookstore to get a copy of this right away. 


2 thoughts on “DARKWING (are you as excited as I am?)

  1. Erin

    Loved Airborn and Skybreaker. I’ve only read the first Silverwing book, but I own the other two. I really need to get to them!

  2. shelfelf Post author

    They are just as wonderful as Silverwing! I managed to resist Darkwing in the bookstore today. I contented myself with carrying it around for a while. Sad… very sad.

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