Daily Archives: October 18, 2007

Spiderwick Magic

I just need to say a big ol’ thank you to Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi. I’ve been a Spiderwick believer since the summer, when I read the series and fell in love with the books. Now I have reason to be an even bigger fan. I am just about finished reading The Field Guide to my class and it is a total hit. As soon as I pick up the book they all start doing this “shuffling around in their seats to find the comfiest listening perch” thing, which is completely adorable, and reminds me of when my dog circles around and around in his bed looking for the best sleeping spot. Then I get to watch 21 sets of eyes widen as I read. The. Best. Fun. In. The. Universe. (Honest).

It makes a perfect Grade 4 / 5 read aloud because it’s fast (you don’t want a book that’s so long they forget the beginning before it’s over), it’s fantastical and the dynamic between the Grace kids rings pretty true. The Spiderwick site offers nice resources for educators amongst other nifty delights.

I am already devising a devious and convincing argument for why a trip to see the upcoming movie has “curricular relevance.”

Don’t you want to be in my class?