Where it all begins…

And behold, ladies and gentlemen, the reason why Grade 5 rocks Grade 6 any day of the week:


I have titled this masterpiece “The Undersea Adventures of Malcolm Cousteau.” (Malcolm being my own excellent little dog, pictured here, paddling around in his underwater environment). Look closely… he’s there!

On Friday, I was presented (very ceremoniously) with this original work of art, by two of my students. It was a “surprise” – as much as anything can be a surprise when it is created practically before my very eyes and hidden from view each time I walk past their table :). In order to create the most realistic drawing possible, they were peeking at the picture I keep on my desk of my hound, Malcolm. Here is a picture of O’Mally exploring a watery environment last summer:


Now for a close up of Malcolm in his wet suit (with dog bone design):


And of course… his Dog Sub:


Did you see the fearsome electric eel and poisonous squid?  (Well look again then!)

Tell me… how could anyone want to teach hormone crazy Grade 6s when you could receive random creative treasures such as this on a Friday afternoon? I guess I have art on the brain with all of the blogging for Robert’s Snow… but I have to wonder, is this where it all starts? In Grade 5? I think yes.

(After my intense gush-fest upon receiving my gift, I heard the two artists “whispering” about their next venture. I think I heard the words: Malcolm, Egypt and archaeological dig). I can’t wait.


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