Daily Archives: October 23, 2007

Day 9: Robert’s Snow Posts

Here are the links to today’s illustrator features: 

Chasing Ray– Carin Berger

Chicken Spaghetti– Marion Eldridge

Not Your Mother’s Bookclub– Sophie Blackall

Bildungsroman– Erin Brooks

Greetings From Nowhere– Brian Lies

It’s snowing… it’s snowing… la la la.

Elf Envy – Random Roundup

Obviously right now just about everyone out there in kidslit land is completely consumed by all things snowflake-y.

A few souls have managed to also offer posts about other things, for which I applaud them.  I have looked at and liked:

Fuse 8’s long and delightfully rambling post on what’s coming up from Harper Collins.

Emily Reads’s perfect little review haiku for Miss Spitfire.  Now I’m all intimidated to do my own regular type review of Miss Spitfire using as many words as I want.

Just One More Book’s great little podcast on one of my favorite doggy books in the world: Let’s Get a Pup! by Bob Graham.

Sometime very soon I too will write something about something… if I can tear myself away from those beguiling little snowflakes.