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Day 13 – Robert’s Snow Illustrators

Here are the direct links to today’s illustrator features.

Seven Imp– Patrick Girouard

Your Neighborhood Librarian– Julie Fromme Fortenberry (clearly the illustrator with the cutest name)

The Silver Lining– Sarah Dillard

cynthialord’sjournal– John Hassett

Please Come Flying– Abigail Marble

(By the time this thing is over my “General” category is going to be HUGE!)


Poetry Friday – Sheree Fitch


Sheree Fitch is a Canadian poet/writer who has written lots of lovely poetry collections for kids (and many other things too!)  Two of her best known children’s poetry books are There Were Monkeys in my Kitchen and Sleeping Dragons All Around. If You Could Wear My Sneakers is a collection with an interesting – and teacher-appealing concept.  Every poem in the book is an interpretation of one of the articles from the UN Conventions on the Rights of the Child.  There’s even a quiz at the end of the collection to get kids to match particular poems to the appropriate article from the convention.

While I think some of the poems do not offer a clear enough link to the article from the convention that they are meant to express, many of the poems offer a strong starting place for kids to begin thinking about the rights that they deserve.  Naturally, this ties in beautfully for teachers in numerous curricular areas.  It could be a super launch for a poetry writing experience where kids work together to create their own “book of rights” expressed in verse.

Here’s an excerpt from one of the poems:

           The Stinky Truth

“What do you think?
Do you think that I stink?”
Said the skunk
“Do you think that I smell?”
“Well, I think that you stink
But I think for a skunk
That you smell

For the rest, check out Fitch’s book.  Also, see Just One More Book’s interview with Sheree from a while back, for more about her and her work.

Day 11: Robert’s Snow Posts

Today I feel like this:


Oh how I wish I could live in a happy place full of snowflakes with tiny, perfect pictures painted onto them.  Oh wait… I can.

Here are the links to today’s illustrator features for Robert’s Snow:

Interactive Reader– Julia Denos (Stand back people… I really want this one!)

Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast– Anna Dewdney (fantastico creator of Grumpy Gloria, pictured above)

A Chair, a Fireplace and a Tea Cosy– Rebecca Doughty

Fuse #8– Brian Floca

readergirlz– Margaret Chodos-Irvine

Thank you to artists everywhere for being able to perk up the grumpiest of grumpy guts.

Still in the Middle: Leepike Ridge

I am whipping my way through Leepike Ridge by N.D. Wilson. Loving it.

As I was wandering around the kidslitosphere yesterday, I happened upon a recent podcast by Fuse 8 where she chats about Leepike Ridge among other things. Of course I wanted to hear what Fuse had to say about this one, but at the same time, I didn’t want ANY spoilers, so I resisted. Fun for when I’m finished, I guess.

I think if there was ever a book to get me waxing podcast-y, it might be this one.  There are many simply beautiful turns of phrase that beg to be read out loud.

Read it – all of you!