Daily Archives: November 3, 2007

Elf Envy – Random Round up and Robert’s Snow, Day 20

There have been many posts towards which I could direct ENVY this week. Here are a few:

Interactive Reader introduced me to the loveliness of Julia Denos’s work, presenting Julia’s snowflake and a fantastic interview for Robert’s Snow.

Julia Denos herself shows off her early artistry with a post about drawing horses on her blog The Cinnamon Rabbit.

Fuse 8 revealed that Megan McCarthy’s snowflake comes with its own leopard-print box. Enough said.

Children’s Illustration shows us what happens when Charlie Brown hits the runway.

Chasing Ray has put up the schedule for the Winter Blog Blast Tour beginning next week. Great lineup.

readergirlz presents its next issue around Dana Reinhardt’s A Brief Chapter in My Impossible Life. I haven’t read this one, but I’ve heard good good things.

Thank you to Miss Erin for kindly reminding the world that the Cybils nominations are open until November 21st, and in the Middle Grade Fiction category, more nominations would be most welcome (one a piece everyone). Miss Erin even offers up a list of books you might consider nominating, since she really wants to read them: Miss Erin’s List.

Now… what you’ve all been waiting for. Today’s direct links to illustrator features for Robert’s Snow!

Your Neighborhood Librarian– Susan Miller

What Adrienne Thinks About That– Ellen Beier

The Silver Lining– Hideko Takahashi

Jo’s Journal– Judith Moffatt

Wild Rose Reader– Wendell Minor

Phew… that’s a lot of visiting. Snack time.