Daily Archives: November 14, 2007

Randomness and Orwell’s Luck

Seems like randomness is a theme for me this week.  First, I finally cave and buy myself the latest Kiki Strike and then, Ms. Kirsten Miller herself happens to wander through my blog and leave me this little comment. Most random indeed.

Then, in my bloggy wanderings, I chanced upon this guy:

If Keepon isn’t completely random – in the most delightful way possible – I’m not sure what is. And how is it that he crossed my path on a day when I really needed to find a dancing tennis ball robot?

And then, this morning, my crazy kitty knocked over one of my book piles and I find this:


which I have been searching for for some time.  Strange happenings.

If you do not know of Mr. Richard Jennings’ Orwell’s Luck then you are missing out on a whimsical and lovely book that delves into the world of randomness and fate. A young girl finds a wounded rabbit on her front porch, lying on top of the morning newspaper. She takes him in and tends to him and names him Orwell. What comes next is half magic, half mystery, as the girl begins to believe that Orwell is communicating with her via messages in the daily horoscope. Jennings gets into some pretty deep philosophical musings in this slim book. Does luck exist? What is chance? How are we connnected? How do you find your place in all of this strangeness? I love this book. It possesses the same charm as the best, quirky foreign films, leaving you with lots of questions that you can’t quite answer but are happy to just ponder.

Consider it a random gift if you come upon this mini review today and go get Orwell’s Luck.

Orwell’s Luck is published by Houghton Mifflin.