Daily Archives: November 15, 2007

Blogging for a Cure: Days 31 and 32

Here are yesterday’s and today’s links for illustrator features:

Jo’s Journal- Philomena O’Neill
Chicken Spaghetti- Maggie Swanson
Here in the Bonny Glen- Timothy Bush
A life in books- Peter Emmerich
What Adrienne Thinks About That- Yangsook Choi
cynthialord’sjournal- Laura Jacques
Wild Rose Reader- Mary Newell Depalma
Just Like the Nut- Leanne Franson

I am feeling very behind on all things snowflake-y. I think that when the holidays FINALLY get here, I will spend one of my first days wrapped up in a huge fleecy blanket, with my cat on my lap and a mug of chocolat chaud in one hand, and just browse snowflakes all day long. Bliss.