Poetry Friday: Dogku


Dogku, by Andrew Clements, is completely adorable.

It is a picture book written entirely in haiku about a stray hound who finds a home. (Wish I’d thought of that! Curse you Andrew Clements and your cleverness!).

The deceiving simplicity of the haiku form seems to be just the right fit to express the hidden depths of the doggy mind. (I’m pretty sure dogs don’t think in phrases any longer than 7 syllables).

I like this one especially:

Scratch, sniff, eat, yawn, nap.
Dreams of rabbits and running.
Could life be sweeter?

It is if you’re my dog, who gets picked up in the afternoon by the doggy happy bus to go for a wild walk at the beach with his posse. Mr. Clements’ book is sure to liven up any teacher’s stale poetry unit. I’m seeing a class set of pet-inspired haiku collections…

In the spirit of all things poetic, if you have a pooch (or if you don’t), please take a moment to pause for poetry, and leave me a Dogku of your own. You know how it goes (5/7/5 syllables is the general rule of thumb). Here is my quickie attempt:

Uh oh… She found my
sandy dog-prints on her bed.
Good day at the beach.

Find all the rest of Andrew Clements’ delightful “dogku” in Dogku, published by Simon and Schuster.

5 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Dogku

  1. Laura Salas

    Bounding free by road
    Night in puppy prison, then
    Happy reunion

    I don’t have a dog, but rescued one roadside last month. Luckily, after a night in the kennel, her owners claimed her. :>)

  2. Jeannie Dalinsky

    Using Dogku in a library media lesson. I simply adore this book and feel that Clements, through his writing, has so much to offer our children. Thank You Andrew Clements.

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