Daily Archives: November 30, 2007

Poetry Friday: Little poem, little mind

Two poems to capture today:

Report cards finished
Time for a long winter’s nap
My words are all gone.
  (by me)

at its bottom
all things are visible
winter river
  – Kiyoko Tokutomi (Japanese poet 1928-2002)

That little gem can be found here:

(Asian Arts and Crafts for Creative Kids: Haiku, by Patricia Donegan)

This book is fantastic for teachers who want to offer kids a much deeper understanding of an often poorly taught poetic form. There are cool art/poetry project ideas in this book, and Donegan has plenty of practical suggestions for getting kids to write better haiku. Plus, lots of haiku – new and old – by poets and kids alike.


(FYI – it’s part of a series of books about Asian crafts. There is one on Ikebana and another on the Tea Ceremony… curious…)

Asian Arts and Crafts for Curious Kids: Haiku is published by Tuttle.