Poetry Friday: Little poem, little mind

Two poems to capture today:

Report cards finished
Time for a long winter’s nap
My words are all gone.
  (by me)

at its bottom
all things are visible
winter river
  – Kiyoko Tokutomi (Japanese poet 1928-2002)

That little gem can be found here:

(Asian Arts and Crafts for Creative Kids: Haiku, by Patricia Donegan)

This book is fantastic for teachers who want to offer kids a much deeper understanding of an often poorly taught poetic form. There are cool art/poetry project ideas in this book, and Donegan has plenty of practical suggestions for getting kids to write better haiku. Plus, lots of haiku – new and old – by poets and kids alike.


(FYI – it’s part of a series of books about Asian crafts. There is one on Ikebana and another on the Tea Ceremony… curious…)

Asian Arts and Crafts for Curious Kids: Haiku is published by Tuttle.


2 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Little poem, little mind

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  2. zensho357

    Wow, great item. I know what you mean about “often poorly taught” there are several meter forms in Japanese poetry besides Haiku. Some are specifically for humorous poems and story.
    Check out Asian Home Décor at Zensho Products

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