Daily Archives: December 5, 2007

Golden Compass Goodies

As the weekend of the movie opening approaches, much excitement is building. Yesterday, one of my cuties fairly bounced along the hall beside me as she told me when / where / how she would be seeing the movie.

And so, in the spirit of stirring up some more Golden Compass Frenzy, here are some links:

Educating Alice really liked it. Good start.

Here is a profile (by Mr. Pullman himself) of illustrator Eric Rohmann, who does the covers for the series: Eric Rohmann Horn Book Profile.

Over at Bridge to the Stars ( a Pullman/Dark Materials  fansite), you’ll find a review of the board game that is coming out “just in time for the holidays.” I’m not usually into this sort of book-marketing shenanigans, but I do love a good board game, and it sure looks pretty.

Big treat! Part two of Eleanor Wachtel’s Philip Pullman Interview is available on the CBC site.

A little more controversy to add to the mix? bookninja has a post on another school board up here in the Great White North, that has removed the books from its shelves.

And finally, the Guardian has an interview with Dakota Blue Richards (aka Lyra).