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List Hopping

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Everyone who’s anyone has got a list right now. A list to tell us favorite books of 2007. A list to suggest books that are just right for that “special someone.” I for one couldn’t be happier. I can get lost in other people’s lists. I hop around from one person’s to the next, getting ideas and getting excited, and the end result is always the lengthening of my own “must read” list.

So, got nothing else to do? Then settle back and do a little list hopping:

Mother Reader’s 21 More Ways to Give a Book has got to be one of the coolest holiday themed lists around. She suggests all sorts of creative ideas for pairing books with fun, kid-pleasing extras. I love that she doesn’t just slap on a stuffed animal. Her suggestions will surely get kids deeper into the stories, and turn a book present into an even more lasting memory. Bonus! She has 2 other lists (over at Mother Reader – naturally) with EVEN MORE fresh suggestions.

Wander on over to the latest issue of The Edge of the Forest for many gifty suggestions for all ages from plenty of experts!   

The Fuse puts in her two cents worth with her Holiday Season Recommendations. The categories are a hoot: “for girls who hate to read,” “for boys who hate to read,” “they’re super smart kids and need something that’s as smart as they are.”

The many-talented Miss Erin has a few lists that when put together, offer an ecletic mix of titles she calls Most Wanted Books of 2007.

Books of Wonder has plenty of treats on offer in their online Holiday Catalogue – signed by the authors and everything!

I like Julia Eccleshare’s Best Books to Keep Kids Indoors at Christmas.

Finally, for a few more suggestions from across the pond, Nicolette Jones presents her Best Books for Children in 2007.

Happy Hopping!


My snowflake… MINE

Yippee! It’s mine! All Mine!



It’s a little frightening much fun I had in Auction 3. Who knew I could be such an impulsive, risk-taking, competitive bidder?

Did anyone else end up with a snowflake? I cannot wait for Scott Magoon’s Loch Kindness to take pride of place on our Christmas tree this year.