Books I Want (I’ve been good!)

Since everyone else has a list, here are a few of the books I’m hoping for this year. Some I’ve already read, but I just want them for my very own:

41emazbxhwl_ss500_.jpgThis is Just to Say – Joyce Sidman

51gtlngi7zl_ss500_.jpgGrumpy Bird – Jeremy Tankard
(got it for my class, but not for moi)

51tlciyaykl_ss500_.jpg365 Penguins – Jean-Luc Fromental

51zjhjvm1jl_ss500_.jpgBaby Mouse: Skater Girl – Jennifer L. Holm

Arthur Spiderwick’s Field Guide Holly Black & Tony DiTerlizzi

51uerdbgj3l_ss500_.jpgThe Arrival – Shaun Tan

51t8qh9mpql_ss500_.jpg The Snow Goose – Paul Gallico and Angela Barrett

518893ip4hl_ss500_.jpg The Red Necklace – Sally Gardner

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian – Sherman Alexie

51td1jswkcl_ss500_.jpgOutcast – Michelle Paver

411lhhio2cl_ss500_.jpgMiss Spitfire – Sarah Miller

Good list, yes? I hope Santa is reading.


2 thoughts on “Books I Want (I’ve been good!)

  1. shelfelf Post author

    Yes they do. I can’t wait for The Red Necklace. I adored “I Coriander.” If this new one is half as good it will still be worth it.

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