Daily Archives: December 12, 2007

Book of A Thousand Days


I have been such a good girl that I received an early Christmas present today. (OK – true story: I demanded an early Christmas present, and then said, “it better be a book”).

So, the happy news is that I did get my present (despite my cheekiness). The bad news is that now all I want to do is curl up  in my pjs and sink into the loveliness of Shannon Hale’s story (for the second time, I might add).

This book is simply wonderful. See my mini-review here.

But, I thought that to celebrate how happy I am with my first, well-deserved Christmas gift, I would point you to this collection of Shannon Hale-related delights.

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And, the ever-awesome readergirlz crew has named two Shannon Hale titles as “Best Books for your BFF” – and Book of a Thousand Days is one of the two. The December theme over at readergirlz is “Give,” and Dashti, the heroine of Hale’s latest book, has to be one of the most giving girls in print.
Finally, School Library Journal has named this title one of their Best Books of 2007.

Now if that doesn’t make you want to demand your own copy for Early Christmas, I don’t know what could.