Poetry Friday: Loris Lesynski

I’ve already been asked by one of the young’ins, “Will we have homework over the holidays?” I was happy to reply, “No!” I don’t think kids need homework on a holiday any more than grown-ups do. This being said, it’s not over yet, and as the last week approaches, it’s getting harder and harder to squeeze work out of them. Homework feels like a losing battle.

This poem brought a smile to my face this week, as it captures what I’m sure a lot of kids feel right now:

Snowy Sunday with Homework

What is Toby doing?
Swimming in the snow?
He’s a dog and not a fish.
Perhaps he doesn’t know.
Diving in the snowdrifts
is the way he loves to play.
Toby doesn’t have to do
a book report today.

from 719zrjrymfl_ss500_.jpg Dirty Dog Boogie, by Loris Lesynski, published by Annick.

If you’re not familiar with the lovely Loris, swing past her website. Her poetry is a hoot. It’s got great bounce and cleverness, and Loris offers loads of fun ideas on her site to help teachers and parents and kids play around with poetry.

7 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Loris Lesynski

  1. TadMack

    Interesting! I read her name — and did a double take. I read Lois Lenski in school — so the name was close… but not close! Thanks for the introduction to a new author.

  2. Sara

    Fun poem, and I like the image of the dog-not-fish diving in and out of snowdrifts. My dog loves snow, too, but she hates water, which is weird.

  3. shelfelf Post author

    Sara – your dog and mine would be good friends. Who knew an Irish Terrier was actually a sled dog in disguise?
    Mary Lee- Loris Lesynski is fantastic in any classroom. Up here in Toronto she does amazing class visits. The kids get really excited about her poetry.

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