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Check it Out: New Blog Alert

The other day I came across a new blog that I am pretty excited about.

Readia is brought to us by one of my favourite writers, Sue Stauffacher of Donuthead and Harry Sue fame. The blog has been up and running since August (around the time I started out here, in fact…), and it is well worth a visit if you haven’t done so already.

Sue explains who the blog is meant to serve:

“The goal of Readia is to alert parents, teachers and others who work with children and low-level readers to high quality literature that fosters a love of reading. Readia is specifically aimed at children who are reluctant to read because they prefer other forms of media. They may also have low skill levels. The books that Sue features will be appropriate for all readers, but are targeted at readers from a variety of cultures and/or low socioeconomic backgrounds…” (for more, check out About Readia).

Here are some of the books that Sue has featured at Readia so far:

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In my opinion, great writer + interesting book choices + great reviews = great blog.  

So check it out.


Clarice Bean in a Box

When I was a kid, the only Christmas gift better than a plain old book, was a box set of books by a favorite author. (Yes, I was supremely geeky, but now I’m not afraid to admit it). I’m not sure why, but there’s something about books that come with their own nifty container that just makes the world feel tidy, sensible and full of promise.

This is why I think that The Exceptionordinarily Good Boxed Set of the first two Clarice Bean books, complete with Clarice Bean notebook, pencil and handy storage case, is sure to leave many a groovy 8-year old girl utterly satisfied this holiday.

Picture please:


Clarice Bean floats my boat. She is clever, kooky, artistic and smart. She is what every 8 year old girl would be in a perfect world. These stories are just right for almost any kid – avid reader to reluctant and all those in between. The reading level is friendly, with fun images scattered throughout. The jokes are plentiful, and the characters are real and oddball enough to keep the pages turning. Also, Clarice’s adventures are rooted in typical kid experiences. I guess that makes them “relate-able,” which works for most children.

The best part of all this is, after this prezzie has made you the most beloved aunt (mom / dad / cousin / grown-up person) of all time, you can continue to be the coolest gift-giver ever by providing that lucky kid with the latest, freshest Clarice Bean book: Clarice Bean, Don’t Look Now for her birthday (this one happens to be a Cybils ’07 nominated title for Middle Grade). Feel free to read my review.

So there you go. All 8-10 year old girls on your list taken care of.  Easy peasy.