Miss Erin has given me a prize:


I am blushing. And first, I must say that this honour is all the better because it comes from Miss Erin, who is a dedicated, creative and powerful blogger herself. Thanks Erin!

Now the masterminds behind this award from The Shameless Lions Writing Circle tell me that I need to pass the prize on, which I am more than happy to do. Here goes:

Big A little a – Kelly Herold’s blog was the first kids lit blog I ever found, and it was a bit like falling down the world’s best rabbit hole into a place I never even knew existed. Her thoughtful reviews, her tremendous efforts as the mind behind The Edge of the Forest, and her wonderful weekend review round-ups all got me wondering whether or not I could try out this blogging thing myself. She does everything well. Thank you to Kelly.

Jen Robsinson’s Book Page – Jen was the first person to leave a comment here at Shelf Elf, and therefore I love her. But of course there is much more to it than that. Jen has to have one of the most people-friendly, inviting blogs out there. She posts like there’s no tomorrow, she finds the coolest little tidbits that bring a smile to my face, and she is completely passionate about children’s literacy. I love her Sunday Afternoon Visits.

Fuse #8 – Ah… the Fuse. Where to begin? She cracks me up. She wears wigs. She talks to her Fuse-y mascot. She writes the LONGEST reviews ever that still manage to be completely brilliant and on the money. She is ever-so-witty and she knows all. Oh, and she does podcasts too. When I grow up into a big blogger, I dream of one day, being like her.

Interactive Reader – Jackie Parker is a fine writer. She’s sharp and insightful, and she doesn’t always review what everyone else is reviewing. I always find new things when I visit her blog, and she asks all the right questions in her author interviews.

A Wrung Sponge – Cloudscome’s blog is like a gorgeous crazy quilt, with all sorts of interesting pieces coming together to make an inspired pattern. She reads diverse texts. I admire her focus on multicultural books, and if ever I need to remember how the world is a beautiful and mysterious place, I head on over for a fresh haiku.

The powerful words of these bloggers – and so many others – make the kidslitosphere tick. If a blog leaves me inspired, curious, excited and a little bit happier to be human, then I know I’ve found something good.


7 thoughts on “ROAR!

  1. Kelly

    Wow, Kerry. Thank you so much 🙂 I’m honored. I’ll be thinking of my list of five and post over the weekend.

    Happy Holidays!!

  2. shelfelf Post author

    You deserve it Kelly! As cheese-ball as it sounds, you were my inspiration. Happy Holidays to you and your family!

  3. Fuse #8

    Awwwww. That’s just the best Christmas present EVER! I’m going to let my mom know about this. She’ll be so proud of me. Thanks a million, m’dear!

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