Elf Envy: Random Round Up

Got some time? Here are a few ways to while away a half hour in the kidslitosphere today:

emilyreads presents her year end list.

Fuse 8 has a new podcast up (and Betsy, believe me, there are more than 3 of us listening).

Over at Tony DiTerlizzi’s blog we sneak a glimpse at some of his earliest work, as well as a sweet piece of fan art.

And by the by, I really REALLY want to read Blackbringer and I’m really REALLY annoyed that I can’t seem to find it here in my supposedly fantastic city. So I am contenting myself (barely) by reading lots about Laini Taylor. Hip Writer Mama’s interview with Laini is a treat. I want that book.

And, on a completely non-kidslit related side note, I wish to thank Laini for her gorgeous blog, grow wings, as it was there that I just now discovered this yummy looking happy place: cupcake bakeshop. Sometimes, just looking at a cupcake is enough. Now if only I had her book…

Thanks to achuka for this giggle about toilet humour censorship. He he he.

And by way of bookshelves of doom, a Peanuts Quiz. My results:

Wishy-Washy: 28%, Mental: 68%, Physical: 62%

The only other character who can match Linus for Old Testament knowledge, Franklin is probably the most stable and together of all the gang. He goes to the same school as Peppermint Patty and Marcie and plays sports against Charlie Brown’s teams. Well done for being normal!

Link: The Peanuts Character Test written by timberlineridge

But just who is this Franklin guy anyway? The most unknown of all Peanuts characters? And what’s with Mental: 68%? How’s a girl supposed to feel about that? Old Testament knowledge… who knew? Harumph.


4 thoughts on “Elf Envy: Random Round Up

  1. Bohae

    *Harumph* is right 🙂

    I took the quiz – it seems as if I am Schroeder…the *prodigy* haha. Hmm…it seems i am 65% mental >.< harumph

  2. shelfelf Post author

    I finally tracked down a copy yesterday and managed to resist – I have to read my Christmas gift books first. Such restraint – the perfect way to start the New Year! Have a happy one yourself!

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