Reading Plans 2008

 I had initially thought to call this post “Reading Resolutions” – but I changed my mind (wisely, I think), since I came to my senses and realized that the word resolution belongs nowhere near the word reading. Resolution implies that you almost have to tie yourself down and force yourself to face something, or close your eyes and plug your nose and then do it as fast as you can. How could I possibly think reading was that kind of task? If I make reading “plans” it sounds entirely more hopeful and promising, and then of course there is the potential to change said plans without feeling all weak and horrible about myself.

This said, there are a few things I would like to try to achieve as a reader this year – all completely do-able, I should think:

1) Track my reading. I have never done this before, but now that technology has become my friend, I think it should be simple. It will also help me a great deal come this time next year, when I wish to name my favourite reads of 2008!

2) Read more non-fiction. I ALWAYS say I’m going to do this because I really feel there is an unacceptable hole in my book knowledge in this area, and so I will strive to make it happen this year. 1 Non-Fiction title for every 5 Fiction titles seems like a neat and tidy way to do it.

3) Read more books with male protagonists and books written by men. I read a lot of books by women, about girls and women. I know it. I always have. I need to try harder. Men are people too! (I guess).

4) Reread the following books: Atonement, The Book Thief, The Diary of Anne Frank (and maybe a few more).

5) Check a few titles off my “I am so embarrassed I haven’t read this yet” list, such as:  The Higher Power of Lucky, Octavian Nothing, The Arrival, The Wall…

I think that should do it.

(photo © Mylene Bressan for CC:Attribution)


3 thoughts on “Reading Plans 2008

  1. shelfelf Post author

    I’m pretty sure I’m going to use Library Thing as well. It looks simple. I like simple.

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