Daily Archives: January 8, 2008

Yeah! Babymouse Made the Cybils Cut

Why Babymouse #6 is a worthy Cybils Finalist
by: me
(I’m allowed to say all of this since I had nothing whatsoever to do with any Cybils choices over in Graphic Novel land).

1) Because she recognizes cupcakes as the great undiscovered food group.

2) Because she makes me want to paint my room, my house, my car, my Siamese and myself pepto-pink even though my favourite colour when I am a rational grown up person is grey.

3) Because she defines sassy.

4) Because her whiskers (like my hair) are not straight, not at all, but are in fact wiry and behave at all times as if they possess a mild electrical charge.

5) Because (like me) she can’t really decide what to be the best at (but she’s sure she wants to be the best at something). And because she’s definitely not going to be the best at the flute (I can relate).

6) Because she can camp, she enjoys weasels and she recognizes that most situations are improved by a little melodrama.

There! Six reasons since this Cybils finalist happens to be book #6. Now maybe to celebrate I will weaken and buy myself a small treat from the Babymouse store. A cupcake clock perhaps?

I bow to the brilliance of Babymouse and to her awesome creator-siblings Matthew Holm and Jennifer Holm. Congrats!