The World According to Dog


My hound is feeling poorly, so I pulled Joyce Sidman’s The World According to Dog off the shelf. I’m not sure if it cheered me entirely, since there are a few tear-jerkers in this collection. But it’s a lovely book, full of poems made for every dog lover, and Doug Mindell’s photographs are gorgeously evocative. Sidman writes about the profound connection between dogs and their people. And to make this book even better, Sidman intersperses her own work with poems and short essays written by teens in praise of their canines.

A little taste of one of my favourites by Sidman herself:

from What Your Ears Remind Me Of

Camouflaged entrances to
a secret underground cavern.

The beard of a Sikh warrior,
the tail of his steed.

The lazy fold of the sleeve
of some royal garment…

For the rest, you’ll have to get your hands on The World According to Dog.

Meanwhile, here are some dog ears that draw much admiration from all those fortunate enough to view them live:


Get well soon small dog.


7 thoughts on “The World According to Dog

  1. Laura Salas

    Hugs to you and your dog. And thanks for sharing this. I’m an enormous fan of Joyce Sidman in general, but haven’t seen more than a glance at this one. Off to the library I go…

  2. shelfelf Post author

    Thanks for the wellness wishes for my pooch! He seems to be doing a bit better. And hooray for Joyce Sidman! She’s awesome. This book is lovely for browsing.

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