Poetry Friday: Scissors

On the first day of an extra long, long weekend, I find this poem just right. This February already has me feeling haggard. It’s amazing how those very little things – like 7 missing pair of scissors – can drive you round the bend in a classroom. This poem is bound to bring a smile (of recognition?) to every teacher’s face.

Scissors – by Allan Ahlberg

Nobody leave the room.
Everyone listen to me.
We had ten-pair of scissors
At half-past two,
And now there’s only three.

Seven pair of scissors,
Disappeared from sight.
Not one of you leaves
Till we find them.
We can stop here all night!

Scissors don’t lose themselves,
Melt away, or explode.
Scissors have not got
Legs of their own
To go running off up the road.

We really need those scissors,
That’s what makes me mad.
If it was seven pairs
Of children we’d lost,
It wouldn’t be so bad.

I don’t want to hear excuses.
Don’t anyone speak.
Just ransack this room
Till we find them,
Or we’ll stop here… all week!

You can hear the poet, Allan Ahlberg, reading this at Children’s Poetry Archive. I wonder if he’s written one about crayons too?

(photo © Darren Hester for openphoto.net CC:Attribution-NonCommercial)

8 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Scissors

  1. TadMack

    Heh. Ohhh, I had this conversation a time or two when I was teaching. “Everybody STOP. Where are the rest of the glue sticks? None of you may have those to keep. Classroom glue is for the whole class…” and on and on and on. Still – gotta love those art days.

  2. Kelly Fineman

    Funny, and every parent/teacher can totally relate, including thinking (on occasion) that losing a pair of kids or more wouldn’t be so awful. Not that they mean it, but still . . .

  3. shelfelf Post author

    Isn’t it laughable how we focus on those small things that in the end, mean almost nothing? But it can be hard to be Zen teacher every day.

  4. Sara

    Hee, hee. I’ve taken to hiding tape and scissors for my personal use, because I can never find them when I desperately need them.

    And I just went to sew on a button, and found that my daughter had taken the entire sewing kit away with her! Not that I sew much (hardly at all) but when you need a needle and thread, you need just that, and nothing else will do.

  5. Tumi Mnisi

    Wow! This brings back good old memories. 14 years ago each one of us in class had to recite this poem of heart. Twas great and when i googled it, i could remember almost every line, comma and full stop. GREAT POEM!

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