Daily Archives: February 24, 2008

I feel guilty just looking at it…


I feel guilty just looking at this. Don’t you? And yet… if The Luxe followed me home in all of its terrible, satiny pinkness, I’m fairly certain Meg Rosoff wouldn’t stand a chance at the moment. So parents, listen up! This is what happens when you deny your teen the right to read trash now and then, instead feeding her a steady diet of the “Great Works of English Literature.”

If you’ve read this temptress of a book, now’s the moment to:

a) tell me why I should cave and read The Luxe when I have so many proper books in my TBR pile

b) splash some cold water on my face and explain why it’s SO not worth my time or $

My inner-struggle is all thanks to Leah McLaren’s article in today’s Globe and Mail. Then I revisited Naomi Wolf’s NY Times piece on YA Fiction and the response over at Read Roger. I can’t sort it out. I just want the pink satin dress.