Poetry Friday: Love that Dog


Love this book.  (I actually hugged it when I pulled it from the bookshelf this morning).

Makes me want a yellow dog to go with my red one. 

Makes me cry.

Makes me smile.

Makes me want to teach poetry to small children who have pets.

My yellow dog
followed me everywhere
every which way I turned
he was there
wagging his tail
and slobber
coming out
of his mouth
when he was smiling
at me
all the time
as if he was
thank you thank you thank you
for choosing me
and jumping up on me
his shaggy straggly paws
on my chest
like he was trying
to hug the insides
right out of me

Note to self: Sharon Creech deserves her very own shelf in my home library (not for Sharon… for her books).

10 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Love that Dog

  1. Cath

    Love this too. Do you have a special shelf for Jean Little’s ‘Hey World! Here I am?’

  2. Sara

    I’ve been known to hug (and kiss) books, too. I heard Sharon Creech speak once, and she was MESMERIZING. I’ve read a lot of her previous work, but not this one yet. Must get!

  3. shelfelf Post author

    Sara, I would LOVE to hear Sharon Creech talk about her books. She is such a fine writer – the kind of writer I wish more adults knew about because I think her books deserve to be read by everyone. You will adore Love That Dog. It’s a weeper/keeper.

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