Daily Archives: March 20, 2008

Cheep Cheep!

So, I’ve got me a big, milestone type of b-day coming up. Friends? Family members? Stuck for gift ideas? Voila:

birdhouse.jpg Le birdhouse bookshelf! J’adore ca!

(thanks Bookshelf Blog for the link)

You could put any/all of the following inside, for a fantastic, birdy-themed gift:

piupiu-paperclip-magnet_87ba104b.jpg For organizing my many paperclips.

(go here)

petra-boase-mugs_754955c9.jpg For tea time.

(go here)

For transporting books to/from birdy bookshelf.

(go here)

and finally:

For helping me feel young at heart (even though I will soon be old, so old).

(You know where to go for that people…duh!)