Cool and Coming Soon

I want to highlight two cool, upcoming events in the kidlitosphere.

First, there’s something awesome in the works over at the ever-cool readergirlz site. (I must say, those readergirlz girlz have got some pretty incredible ideas). It’s a massive event connected to Support Teen Literature Day on April 17th, 2008. The initiative is called:


So, on April 17th, YALSA and readergirlz are joining forces with an army of teens to coordinate a huge release of 10 000 publisher-donated YA titles in some of the biggest pediatric hospitals across the U.S. and Canada. This effort has been named: Operation Book Drop. The idea is that on April 17th, teens who are in hospital will receive a whole, beautiful shipment of amazing reads that will hopefully entertain, inspire and comfort. This idea rocks! And it gets better. Teens anywhere and everywhere (and grown up YA readers and writers) are encouraged to drop a great book in a teen hotspot in their community on this day so that it will be found and read by a lucky teen passerby. You can even stick an Operation Book Drop bookplate or bookmark into your donation, so that even more readers will discover the utter coolness that is readergirlz. There will be a party at the Readergirlz MySpace group on the evening of the 17th. Join in, one and all!

And now, an announcement from our favourite neurotic rodent. Shelf Elf is an:

Yippee! Hooray! Scaredy Forever!

Beginning Monday, Mélanie Watt begins her U.S. & Canadian Blog Tour to promote all things Scaredy, but especially his latest adventure:

Mélanie will be here, there, and everywhere between April 7-16th. Check out the schedule and links over on the sidebar. I can’t wait to wrap up this nutty blog tour here with Mélanie on April 16th.


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