Me Like. Me Want. Me Hungry.

In a different life, I would be an artist. I would be able to draw something… anything. I would be a fantastic doodler or I would know how to paint or I would be the kind of person who sits for hours in a coffee shop and sketches cool stuff in her giant artist’s notebook in an effortless, “don’t you just hate me for being so talented” sort of way. (Heck, I’d be happy if I could just manage some happening lettering for my classroom bulletin boards). Sigh.

Alas, it seems I must be content admiring the artistic prowess of others. Enter Jeremy Tankard. His new book (post Grumpy Bird) is called Me Hungry! Now, I haven’t read it yet, but I know I want it. It’s been a regular Jeremy love-in about the kidlitosphere recently, which has only served to make me want Me Hungry! even more.

Here are a few happy Jeremy Tankard-related links that will make you realize that you want his book too:

Seven Questions over Breakfast with Jeremy Tankard over at Seven Imp.

Fuse 8’s Review of Me hungry!

Jeremy is up for the 2008 Libris Award for Children’s Illustrator of the Year. Wow.

Jeremy’s blog – a happy place where you often find random Jeremy-created treats, like pandas falling from the sky and foxes wandering in the woods. We all need that.

So in the end, I think I can accept the fact that I am not destined for artistic greatness since there are people like Jeremy to pick up the slack. (Me only a teensy bit jealous).

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