Artemis Fowl: The Graphic Novel

I’ve been on a real Graphic Novel binge lately (Amelia Rules, Korgi, The Arrival, Persepolis 2). Am I discovering a new passion? I think maybe. I’ve been asking myself, “What took you so long?” It’s graphic novels like Artemis Fowl that are really getting me hooked.

First, you cannot really appreciate the cool-factor of the cover when it’s so eensy on the screen above. But doesn’t Artemis look particularly dastardly? Like a genius on a mission? Unless you’ve seen the book, you won’t know that his glasses contain a reflection of Holly Short, butt-kicking Recon fairy extraordinaire (in fantastic red foil no less). How could anyone resist, I ask? And inside, it just gets better. The art is exceptional. Giovanni Rigano is as genius as little Artemis. The characters seem  Manga-esque, but with a twist – somehow more human and individualistic.  Then the colour… oh the colour. Paolo Lamanna makes every one of Rigano’s illustrations spring from the page. It’s one luscious visual package.

Now for story. I’m one of those people who has read the first Artemis book, but never headed on to the rest. I think it could have been a case of right book, wrong moment. After reading and loving Airman recently, I’ve been meaning to take a look at the rest of Eoin Colfer’s books. Let’s just say that this Graphic Novel has pushed the other Artemis Fowl titles higher in the TBR pile. I do remembering finding aspects of the original novel a tad confusing, and I think that the graphic novel has some moments where there are leaps in the plot that are tricky to keep up with. The ending of the graphic novel leaves room for further adaptations of Colfer’s series.

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Oh yeah, this was the Cybils Elementary/MG Graphic Novel Award Winner this year.



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