Guys Lit Wire

Launched on Monday, June 2nd, Guys Lit Wire  is bound to be a fantastic new presence in the litosphere. The idea was born in the creative brain of Colleen Mondor, of Chasing Ray fame. Guys Lit Wire aims to bring all kinds of literary news, reviews and opinions to teenage boys and all those who care about what teen boys read. The idea is to highlight great reads, some new and some older, on all topics imaginable, that will likely have broad appeal to teen boy readers. Every day of the week there will be at least one new post, offered up by one of a team of bloggers from all over the (kids)litosophere. I’m on the team, and I’m super excited to be involved. See who else is along for the ride at the contributor’s list. Impressive! I think you’ll find that the site is already filling up with super interesting reading. 

Oh yes… and the blog design (isn’t it spiffy?) is the masterwork of Sarah, of Finding Wonderland. Fantastic. I think we’ve got the whole package here.    


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