Daily Archives: June 6, 2008

Poetry Friday: Baby Ate a Microchip


This one cracks me up. It’s report time, so I can’t help but wonder if this strategy might work for older kids too? Don’t we all need a bit of help to “think deep” this time of year?

Baby Ate a Microchip – by Neal Levin

Baby ate a microchip,
Then grabbed a bottle, took a sip.
He swallowed it and made a beep,
And now he’s thinking pretty deep.

He’s downloading his ABCs
And calculating 1-2-3s.
He’s memorizing useless facts
While doing Daddy’s income tax.

He’s processing, and now he thrives
On feeding his internal drives.
He’s throwing fits, and now he fights
With ruthless bits and toothless bytes…

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(photo © Darren Hester for openphoto.net CC:Attribution-NonCommercial)