Crazy Crazy Book Piles

Things are getting out of hand in my study. Just how many book piles can a girl have and still be normal? I decided one of the goals for my blog for 2008 would be to solicit ARCs from publishers. Good news: it’s happening. Unanticipated not so good news: there’s nowhere for the books to go. I love getting all of these delightful packages of books I’m excited to read. When I’ve read them, I give them away, but I just can’t keep up. There are SO many books, ARCs and otherwise, that have been hanging out on my desk, or next to the bed, calling out to me in tiny bookish voices, “You-hoo… read me already.” In a few days it’ll be summer vacation, so I plan to read like a fiend. Here are a few of the books I’ll pick up first:

Chez Moi – by Agnes Desarthe

Madapple – by Christina Meldrum

People of the Book – by Geraldine Brooks

Suite Scarlett – by Maureen Johnson

A Certain Slant of Light – by Laura Whitcomb.

Bring on the summer!

(Picture above from Bookshelf Blog. Fun, yes?)

2 thoughts on “Crazy Crazy Book Piles

  1. Dragon Lady

    Great books to choose from but you might want to go straight to ‘People of the Book’ and then ‘A Certain Slant of Light’ ~ oh so many choices! Enjoy!

  2. shelfelf Post author

    Thanks Cath! I’ve been aching to read “People of the Book” since I got it from the store ages ago.

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