Poetry Friday: A little Summer sun

It’s here. Finally here. The first day of summer vacation. It’s not sunny in the city today. It’s hot and sticky and grey. So in celebration of the arrival of freedom and long days of stretched out delight, here’s a little poem by Frank Asch (too little not to offer in its entirety).

Sunflakes – by Frank Asch

If sunlight fell like snowflakes,
gleaming yellow and so bright,
we could build a sunman,
we could have a sunball fight,
we could watch the sunflakes
drifting in the sky.
We could go sleighing
in the middle of July
through sundrifts and sunbanks,
we could ride a sunmobile,
and we could touch sunflakes—
I wonder how they’d feel.

Sweet, isn’t it? Just how I hope my summer will be.

From Poetry Foundation.
(photo © Michael Jastremski for openphoto.net CC:Attribution-ShareAlike)


4 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: A little Summer sun

  1. shelfelf Post author

    Yes – I love the images that this poem conjures up in my mind. I’d be all over the sunball fights!

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