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It’s My Party! My 1-Year Blogiversary Carnival

Today, I am one. One year old (in blog years, that is). Pretty darn awesome. It’s been nothing but fun leaping into the land of kidslit blogging. That’s in great part due to the fantastic, supportive, encouraging, welcoming community of expert bloggers who’ve been stopping by Shelf Elf to say hello since the beginning. It’s been delightful and I’m all set to take on the Terrible Twos in the kidlitosphere. (Does this mean I can slip some tantrum posts in every once in a while now? Just kidding…)

As promised, thanks to the generosity of a whole bunch of you reader/blogger types, I’ve got a little celebratory mini-carnival of happiness, just to say, “Happy Birthday to Moi.” So go check out all of my cool birthday gift-reviews. I feel spoiled… truly spoiled. I send each and every one of you a virtual cupcake with an elf on it.

From Terry:
Happy Birthday! We hope you enjoy My Name is not Isabella! Fun, history, girl power!

From Sarah:
Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoy Katherine Appelt’s The Underneath.

From Cheryl:
Happy blogiversary! It is something to celebrate.
You said you like sad books with romance. The Pretty One has sadness and pain, and romance, but it also has hope. Hope you enjoy it.

From Jen R:
Happy birthday! I know you like mysteries, so I gift you Eleven, by Patricia Reilly Giff, reviewed here. Here’s to many more years of blogging at Shelf Elf.

From Kelly:
Happy anniversary! You’re doing a bang up job.
Here’s a present that might come in useful one day. You never know when you might run into

From Em:
Oh man, oh man, I don’t know what to give you! How about one of my recent favorites? Happy Birthday! Gossip of the Starlings.

From Miss Erin:
You will love this: The Patron Saint of Butterflies.

From Janice:
Happy blogiversary.
I hope you enjoy The Princess and the Captain AND Red Sky in the Morning. Neither are new books, but they both are a bit sad, but great stories.
You can find them here.

From Becky:
Happy blogiversary! I hope you enjoy Artichoke’s Heart.

From Melissa:
My contribution: The Penderwicks on Gardam Street. Happy blogiversary!

From Doret:
Happy Blogiversary
Its my first time here but I see we have some books in common so I know you’ll enjoy The Missing Girl by Norma Fox.

From Mother Reader:
Always a challenge to find the right gift…
It’s not a light book, but I’d love you to read Uprising by Margaret Peterson Haddix.

From Megan:
Happy Blogiversary to you! You live in a zoo!
My gift to you is…
Waiting for Normal by Leslie Connor.

From Jennifer:
I gift you only the best YA supernatural/horror in recent history: Bliss.
Happy Reading!

Thanks for the fun everybody!

(photo © Adrian van Leen for openphoto.net CC:PublicDomain)