Elf Envy: Random Roundup

Sorry for the lapse in posting. I’ve been reading. Honest. But I’ve also been cooking and painting and cleaning and lying in front of bad television, with a bottomless glass of lemonade clutched in my hot little hands.

So today I made a point of visiting a bunch of my blogish haunts, just to see what’s been keeping you busy. Here is some good stuff:

Miss Erin points us to a great article by Margo Rabb in the NY Times.

Check out Mother Reader’s Interview with Jenny Han. Love her. Love Shug. Perfect time to read it.

I am SO eager to get my hands on Allegra Goodman’s first YA book, and Jen Robinson’s review just makes me want it even more. I loved Intuition.

Kelly’s got a great interview of Thomas the College Guy over at Guys Lit Wire, all about the fav books and reading habits of a second year English major.

This weekend I did a little browsing (and book buying… naughty me). I can’t wait to read Savvy by Ingrid Law. If you haven’t visited her blog, Straight from the Jar, you ought to.

Over at 7 Imp’s 7 Kicks you’ll find Laini Taylor featured this week. Yay!

So many goodies.

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