Daily Archives: July 28, 2008

Are you Savvy yet?

There’s been much buzz about the kidlitosphere recently related to Ingrid Law’s new book: Savvy. So it seemed like the right moment to grab the audiobook and start listening. I can see what all the kerfuffle is about, let me tell you. Great voice. GREAT premise. (Great cover too, by the way). This is the tale of the Beaumont family, more specifically, the Beaumont kids – Mibs, Rocket, Fish, Samson and Gypsy. In addition to their unusual names, the Beaumont kids have their fair share of strangeness, since when a Beaumont turns thirteen, said kid discovers his or her special talent, or “savvy.” And we’re not talking tap-dancing or baseball or playing the clarinet here. A savvy is a seriously powerful force, like creating hurricanes just by thinking about it, or making things levitate. Crazy.

Now, I’m only about half way through listening – and loving every second – so I won’t offer a review now. Instead I present some Savvy-licious treats:

Official Savvy Website

Ingrid Law’s Website

Straight from the Jar (The author’s blog)

Ingrid Law gets interviewed by the intrepid Fuse #8

A little clue as to the kookiness of some of the savvies in the Beaumont family:

And finally, the book trailer: