Elf Envy: Random Round Up

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E N V McElman_071126_2039

A few tidbits from around and about.

Miss Erin offers us a fab interview with “the 3 Hales” behind Rapunzel’s Revenge.

I enjoyed the interview with Sophie Blackhall over at 7 Imp. Love it that those girls aren’t afraid to do a great, big, juicy, LONG interview. Keep ’em coming.

Head over to Oops…Wrong Cookie to join in the discussion about a recent Publisher’s Weekly Article on the appropriateness of YA for younger readers. This is a tricky one.

For anyone out there who is sort of, kind of, beginning to write something that might turn out to be a really long story or a novel-ish type creation, read Barbara O’Connor’s recent Writing Tip re Character. Makes me feel better.

And finally, this has NOTHING to do with books or children or reading or anything (but I did find it over at Laini Taylor’s blog and she has everything to do with books and children and reading, so anyway…):

(Cool title letters created at Spell with Flickr. Fun times)


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