Daily Archives: September 11, 2008

Fashion Kitty Fantastic-ness


May I please be allowed to stay home from school tomorrow to read Fashion Kitty all day and eat cookies till I burst?


Um… No.

One More Question:

Is it Friday yet?


Um… No.

Darn it.

Then just allow me to say that I have only today discovered the utter fantastic-ness that is Charise Mericle Harper’s Fashion Kitty series. Do you know a tweenage girl who likes fashion, likes to laugh, likes a little sparkle and some gently-taught life lessons? Then I guess you know what to buy her for her next b-day.

Some Fashion Kitty Wisdom to tickle and inspire:

“There’s nothing that a tummy full of cookies can’t fix.”

“It is not very satisfying to do lots of arguing first thing in the morning before breakfast.”

“It is not a good thing to decide you don’t like someone before you even meet them, but it can happen.”

Grab a little Fashion Kitty. It’s what all the cool cats are reading this fall.