Colors! Colores!

This picture book is something a bit out of the ordinary and rather beautiful. Colors! Colores! is a bilungual book that celebrates the poetic qualities of colour. Award-winning Mexican writer, Jorge Lujan, has created simple but evocative text to inspire children to consider everyday colours in fresh, creative ways. A taste: “Yellow rolls through the sky like a warm, gold coin” and “Into a tiny seed fits clover, fits a tree, fits the whole jungle… fits green.” I can imagine using these small poems as first stanzas for students to use as inspiration for writing their own poems about colour. South African illustrator, Piet Grobler, offers up the perfect match for Lujan’s poetic jewels with understated, whimsical watercolours. I’m crazy about the artwork here.

For a book that is so spare in its text, and in the style of illustration, it feels remarkably rich, and would make a lovely gift for a would-be artist. Proof that something understated and restrained can be every bit as pleasing as flashier reads.

Colors! Colores! is published by Groundwood Books.

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