Just Grace. Just Awesome.

Just Grace is soul sister to Clarice Bean, Clementine, Judy Moody and Ellie McDoodle and is entirely lovely in every way. Last week, I sang the praises of Charise Mericle Harper’s Fashion Kitty books. Just Grace is every bit as delightfully cheery and clever.

Grace becomes “Just Grace” because there are 3 other Graces in her third-grade class and in the interest of not going round the bend, her nothing if not practical teacher decides Grace will be known as Just Grace. This is not exactly fab news for Grace, but she dwells on it only for a little while before thinking about all sorts of other important things, mostly her “teeny tiny superpower”: the ability to feel a person’s sadness and help that person feel better (commonly known as empathy). Grace’s empathy-powers bring her into contact with lots of different people as she works to be kind and make a difference the best way she knows how.

All throughout this book you’ll get all kinds of funny little cartoonish drawings that add tremendously to the story’s humour and charm. It’s a book about communication and openness and being a kid. This is really a big grin between two covers.

I’m already reading the second one, Still Just Grace, and then it’ll be Just Grace Walks the Dog. Good times.

For a laugh, follow this link to hear Charise interviewing her daughter in role as Just Grace (so cute).

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